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Why I Like Pacific Beach

By John Rogers, Senior Editor of Enlightened Explorer Travel

Of all the beaches along San Diego’s coast, Pacific Beach is the one I'm drawn to again and again. Maybe it’s childhood memories or the countless days spent sunbathing and body surfing as a young adult… either way, the attraction is undeniable.

Pacific Beach is predictable; you always know what you’re going to get. The people, Crystal Pier, the sun, surf, and sand all resonate with a familiar quality that transcends time.

Pacific Beach is entertainment. The people are just plain fun to watch — and not just the youthful, overly tanned young adults that are plentiful here. Long-time locals develop unique styles all their own. Seeing middle-aged men with hairy, beer-bellied chests riding rusty beach cruisers puts life in perspective. After visiting Pacific Beach be prepared to question the priorities in your life.

Pacific Beach might be heaven for kids. Gentle but fun surf bounded by a wide, sandy beach and concrete boardwalk. The only complaints you hear are when it's time to leave.

Along with the beautiful shore and ocean, Pacific Beach has an unmistakable essence of tolerance, freedom of spirit and fun. I always leave Pacific Beach with a greater sense of what's important in life. Whether you're visiting San Diego for the first time or a long-time local, Pacific Beach guarantees fun and a lifetime of memories.

John Rogers was born and raised in San Diego. He spends much of his free time exploring the beaches and open spaces of California, especially those described n this site.

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